CST Resources

All CST resources fall into the following categories. There is no hierarchical structure. Again, in this area CST is different. This is intentional as we employ some of the best minds in the technology world. The data-driven analysis shows that using a hierarchy with innovative minds is counterproductive. As an example, CST employs a team of Mathematics PhDs who are involved in the writing and modeling of our core predictive algorithms. Categorizing this team as reporting to another team is pointless. At CST, we operate an input/output mechanics measurement of team effectiveness. These are based on a variety of data factors. Each category of resources interacts to provide the client with a broad yet specialized knowledge base for both consulting and technical implementations:

Forward deployed Engineers:

CST describes forward deployed engineers as those who interface with clients and work with clients to identify real-world problems. These engineers will also have domain-specific knowledge to provide the client with the best possible full stack support. These front-facing engineers will leverage support from the back office team of domain experts and technical architects. One CST founder is part of this group.

Back Office Engineers:

At CST we call them “nerds”. These engineers are not client facing but provide the backbone for CST technical solutions. Based at our London office but mostly working from different parts of the globe, these back-office resources handle implementation, development, and monitoring of solutions as required by clients. One of our founders is part of this group.

Data Scientists:

CST employs data scientists to write and train our predictive and trend monitoring algorithms. This is a very specialized field and represents the difference between a rule based approach and a cognitive approach. These scientists get development support from the core CST solution developers.

Research and Development Team:

this team is tasked with continuous improvement and the testing of new technologies to enhance CSTs knowledge of the technology landscape and the support of current and past projects. This is also our window to the open source community…as CST constantly innovates and contributes code to open source projects…which supports the advancement of technology as a whole.

UX Architects:

CST has recently set up this group. The role of this team is to oversee all user experience aspects of CST solutions including IT infrastructure monitoring and user screens. In either case, the idea is to provide clients an advanced and consistent user experience in all solutions provided by CST.

Hardware Architects:

This team of architect’s support clients in making infrastructure assessments/audits and recommending innovative solutions for client infrastructure. As clients migrate from Rule-based systems to cognitive platforms, this team supports this migration by implementing distributed infrastructure architecture for clients. This approach means clients can move to a more robust (and mostly less costing) infrastructure to support current and future business needs.

Project Managers:

CST project managers lead CST projects and interface with the client’s project team as required. These resources are tasked with the project specific coordination of CST resources.

Domain Consultants:

These are business domain experts deployed to the client for business process assessment and consultancy. These resources will work in concert with CST forward deployed engineers to identify technical gaps and issues and plan for the resolution of the identified problems.

Governance & Quality Assurance Experts

These resources handle IT compliance and quality assurance for CST clients. They are tasked with providing client a forward-thinking governance strategy and providing quality gatekeeping services to CST clients.

Security Architects:

The bottom line is that system hacking is a real and the present threat to ALL organizations and governments. It is important that technical security is of the highest standard and that is constantly reviewed in light of new and emerging threats. This team advices clients on both infrastructure and application access and security and recommends solutions where applicable. This process involves producing a before and after a report that shows the level of threats and measurable impact of CST solutions.