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Technical Approach

CST is a full stack technology company. We consult to our clients, identify technical improvements and process automation and deploy intelligent cognitive solutions to resolve client problems and technology gaps.

CST uses its vast technical resources to improve processes, infrastructure, derive real value from data and provide measurable cost savings. This is our commitment to clients.

CST deploys a full range of technical and business resources to support our clients not just in the development of cutting edge technology but also in the definition of technical strategies and the deployment of enterprise-wide technical architectures. Data is at the heart of what CST does. Our clients collect and relate to data at a variety of levels. Our goal is to support our clients through the entire landscape of technical services. In many cases, we would help define the technical strategy for our clients. This includes the amalgamation of enterprise data, defining compliance targets and strategies and the development of artificial intelligence software to harness client data.

Data is at the center of the CST technical approach. In the end, all IT systems are centered on the collection…processing, manipulation, and movement of data. CST supports its clients by bringing together the storage and manipulation of data (Infrastructure and security), the processing of data (Analysis) and the prediction of data future state (Predictive analytics). As a result, our technology is applicable to any industry since all industries, in the end, manipulate data in some form or another.

CST has built a set of core technical architectures that support specific industries. Note that these will normally be customized to meet specific client needs.

The CST platform is built on a modular distributed microservice architecture. This means each component of the platform is independently configurable and deployable. In addition, this approach allows for deployment across multiple servers, failover zones availability zones.

The table below lists the services that form the CST core platform: Note that additional services and modules can be added depending on client requirements.

Alerting Provides granular configurable threshold alerting
Reporting Fully schedulable reporting in variable formats.
Analytics Granular real-time analytics of diverse data
Sentiment analysis Computation of real-time sentiment scores in ingested data where applicable.
Predictive Models Predictive Modelling of ingested data to provide insights.
OCR Optical character recognition. Images and documents converted to digital data.
NLP Natural language processing. Supports contextual processing of data to extract relevant information. Also supports speech recognition.
External Adapters For connectivity to external data sources
Machine learning Algorithms that learn from data – customizable
Data Ingestion Robust data injections – Structured & Unstructured data from diverse sources including external systems. This uses an encrypted pipeline.
Data lake Integration and amalgamation of diverse client data for centralized access and analysis.
Document Storage NoSQL storage mechanism. Non-relational storage of structured and unstructured data.
Search, match & Retrieve Provides advanced search and match capabilities across data and images, including fingerprints & biometric data.
Trends Deep Insights into data using AI algorithms
Recommendations Engine Uses the results of the analysis to make cognitive recommendations. This is configurable.
Visualization Real-time visualization of data across the data stream. These are user-facing screens that are customizable to client needs.
Notification Provides Email, TXT, and Notifications to support alerting, reporting and recommendations.
Audit Full audit reporting across the application. Every usage of the system is recorded and reportable.
User Management Granular secure autonomy controls to control what each user sees and manipulates. This is configurable by clients.
Encryption Full AES encryption for data in transit and at rest.
Restful Services Allowing other systems to leverage platform functionality. This is useful for existing client legacy systems.
Entity/Conversation relationship matrix Algorithms that trace relationships between groups, their conversations, and data.
Geo Location Processing data based on location coordinates. Location visualization is also provided.
Link Resolution The clean-up and resolution of data to create ONE view of individuals, groups or unstructured data. This is performed across multiple channels depending on client requirements.
Industry Solutions
Industry Solutions
Technical Competence
Technical Competence