Industry Solutions


The following is the CST HDFS stack for the financial industry. It provides a one-stop shop for financial data collection, analysis, and reporting. It can also integrate with existing client systems.

Intelligence & Investigation

The CST intelligence architecture is geared towards the collection and relationship modelling of diverse intelligence data sources both structured and unstructured: The approach is to create a “data lake” that amalgamates all data sources and improves the organizations ability to derive real time value from the data. It also supports “push” interaction. This means the system can work in the background and push relevant information to designated client resources without the need to log into the system.

Oil & Gas

This CST architecture covers both traditional data sources like refineries and emerging data sources like sensor streams from pipelines. This architecture will in effect bring all oil and gas data into the data lake allowing for cross-analysis of existing data in a more unified approach. All data from other systems can be streamed into the data lake for central analysis and predictive modelling view of the data:

Infrastructure & Regulatory Oversight

The CST platform can manage the entire life cycle of infrastructure and regulatory data. The approach is to collect data from all aspects of regulatory and infrastructure management and provide a unified platform for visual and background analysis of the data and providing a cognitive view of the data relationships. The platform also alerts management and designated resources of potential issues before they occur. Its predictive capabilities are used to support more accurate planning and decision making.

The platform can be used to collect and analyze data from ports and other infrastructure industries. The idea is to leverage the existing data sources and include new sources of data to provide a holistic view of the entire landscape under management. The ability to analyze this data in real time and provide insights and trend reporting across that data means that at a glance management can see the current state of the infrastructure and operational state. As always CST will work with clients to customize the platform to provide the best of breed services that will be effective in the delivery of the management vision.

The data collected is not in silos, the platform can connect to external data sources like vessels visits and berthing, integrating external agents’ requests and EDI interchanges.