Consulting Stream Technologies is a full stack technology provider. We are a different type of Technology Company. Our approach to technology and how we implement technology is different. Our mission is to add measurable value to our clients. We solve real-world problems using technology. As a result, we have built platforms and a technical consultancy that is applicable to a variety of industries. Our focus is on delivering a better technology landscape for our clients through both consultancy and technical implementations. Our wide range of successful projects in different industries is a testament to this approach. We help our clients identify gaps and issues, provide advice and implement solutions that solve these problems. It could be as simple as a technical assessment of client infrastructure and security….to the deployment of intelligent data analytic platforms to help clients derive value from data.

CST supports its clients through the full technology landscape. We advise clients on technical strategy, data analysis, and enterprise-wide technical deployments while making sure clients adhere to their stated compliance targets. In the end, all organizations collect data. This data is increasingly the most valuable asset of an organization. As a result, CST focuses on making sure our clients take full advantage of their data across the entire organization. We advise on data-centric technical architectures, the ability to leverage existing data, and the promise to future proof our clients’ technical environments to support currently unknown forms of data. In effect, CST will define a future proof technical strategy and in addition, can build cutting edge technology to amalgamate and derive immediate value from enterprise data.

CST believes that business data is at the center of all technology infrastructure and solutions. We support our clients in deriving real value from this data. We not only support the collection, processing, and storage of data, we also deploy solutions that learn from this data and in so doing provide predictive analytics from the data…. using artificial intelligence.
This is what makes CST different. Most “old world” technology companies will deploy large scale solutions to resolve a part of a problem using a rule-based framework. This is what business and IT departments have been used to for the last 20 years. A handful of technology companies in the world have already started the next stage of technology thinking…cognitive intelligent solutions. This describes a technology a paradigm where rather than just instruct technology/systems on what to do…solutions are tailored to think like the human brain and learn as humans do.

This approach to technology covers the full stack of technical delivery…from consulting with clients to integrating with clients existing platforms…to building intelligent solutions and even in the deployment and architecture of infrastructure. CST is one of these companies. As a result of our expertise in this cutting-edge technology space, CST is able to effectively advise its clients on infrastructure, Security, solutions, data storage etc…with the future view in mind. Whatever solutions we implement in these areas will have cognitive technology at its core. It will be future proof and provide real measurable business value….in the support of decision making and strategy implementation.

CST is also a data analytics provider. As a result, we see Business Intelligence from a completely different perspective. While traditional BI tools have focused on providing tools to the user that allows them to mine data, CST products instead take that burden away by using intelligent technology to learn from the data, identify trends and use algorithms to predict based on the data and report on the data at a very granular level. The aim is to provide a 360 view of the client data and reduce the time it takes clients to report on their data. It is in this area that CST solutions have an advantage. In addition, CST solutions do not suffer the same technical and environmental limitations as normal rule-based tools. CST platforms are
built from the ground up for scalability and performance and provide robust monitoring of resources and automatic balancing of resources in real time.
Alerting and notifications is another area where CST sits apart. CST solutions based on their machine learning capabilities can alert clients to trends and data activity that would not be possible in many rules-based tools. The burden is not on users to find these trends. The system continuously monitors the data in the background, bringing important insights of the data to the attention of the users and aiding in decision making and strategy.

Analytics is about deriving value from data while BI is about reporting. CST implements reporting as a consequence of data analytics…And not the other way around.
What clients get are solutions that can handle billions of data streams while providing scalability and real-time performance to users. A platform that learns data as it ingests it…and monitors changes in the data to aid predictive modeling.
The platforms extensive use of graphics also makes it easier to understand data at a glance. The architecture of CST platforms is geared towards integration and interoperability. All functionality in the system is exposed as services so clients can be self-sufficient in extending the system functionality and even leverage system data in other client legacy systems. This micro-services approach is critical to future functionality additions and expansion. As a result of this, functionality upgrades and issue resolution can occur quickly. CST platforms (both infrastructure and applications) also provide adapter endpoints that allow clients to integrate CST solutions with other systems.

CST Approach

The high-level View of the Solutions CST provides:
  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Process Automation
  • Predictive Data Analytics

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Project Case Studies

CST solutions provides:
  • Apex Bank
  • Police Force
  • Oil and Gas

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CST  deployed engineers have worked on projects for the following clients:
  • Central Bank of Nigeria
  • British Government
  • Intelligence Organization – Nigeria (Name withheld)
  • Legal & General UK

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All CST resources fall into the following categories
        • Forward deployed Engineers
        • Back Office Engineers
        • Data Scientists
        • Research and Development Team
        • Project Managers

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Model Highlights:

All CST resources fall into the following categories
        • Business problem assessment
        • Infrastructure Audit
        • Security Audit
        • Solution Identification

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